BMXNZ Nationals Post Event Survey

All 2021 BMX Nationals Participants,

Hope you all have relaxed back into your club BMX racing after an awesome Nationals at Rotorua.

A big thank you for participating in the greatest race of the season.

BMXNZ and CNZ is keen to get your feedback on the event and how BMXers stayed in Rotorua.

This is about making sure we are updating the event as needed and to build some detail on how BMX events are beneficial to the host cities.

The following survey is a set of quick and easy questions that should not take more than 5mins to complete.

We would love to hear from you & the more that do it the better information we have to make changes or influence support for future events.

1. Please advise your gender (event participant/rider)

2. Please select your age (event participant/rider)

3. Are you proud of your achievement at this event?

4. Did the classes and the track offered meet your expectation for this level of event?

Your comments:

5. How likely would you to recommend this event to a friend who rides BMX?

Your comments:

6. Did this competition enable you to learn something?

7. Did this competition enable you to become a better BMXer?

8. Did you have fun at this event?

9. What did you enjoy the most about this event?

Your comments:

10. Who did you receive guidance and advice from prior to taking part in this competition?

11. Why do you compete in cycling?

Your comments:

12. Based on why you compete, how can we improve your experience?

Your comments:

13. What advice would you give event organisers to help improve BMX events?

Your comments:

14. Will you come to next years BMXNZ Nationals?

If No, why not?:

15. How many people in your immediate group came to Nationals? (Including riders, parents and family)

16. What type of accomodation did you use in Rotorua?

17. How much did you spend on accomodation per night?

Your spend:

18. How many nights did you spend in Rotorua for the Nationals Event?

19. On average how much did you spend per day as a group at the event and around Rotorua?

Your spend:

20. Did you attend the Pre-Nats Event?

21. If you did Pre-Nats, how long did you stay in Rotorua?

22. Would you come back to Rotorua for a non-BMX holiday?

23. Any final comments on the 2021 BMX Nationals?

Your comments: